About Active Abilities Now Select Physical Therapy

Our Alaska Licensed Physical Therapists:

  • Certified Graston Technique Specialists as well as utilize other Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue techniques
  • Tina Mclean, PT is Certified in Dry Needling of the entire body including spine and fascial trigger points.  Tina is Certified through the Janet Travell MyoPain Seminars.
  • Tina Mclean, PT is a Fascial Manipulation Practitioner trained through MyoPain Stecco Method.
  • Dr. Sadie Lansing, PT, DPT has a degree in Human Performance and utilizes this in her daily routines and treatments
  • All therapists are familiar with and utilize many skilled techniques through extensive training with the International Academy of Orthopedic Medicine-US
  • Together offers over 35 years of Experience for your Recovery
  • Offers proven alternatives to Opioid Pain Management #choosept
  • Helps you modify task performance to prevent every day life, job, sport, and outdoor activity related injuries
  • Establishes goals and implements individualized treatment programs specific to your injury or illness
  • Provides you and your family education to help alleviate your symptoms and improve your daily life with skills that carry beyond the clinic
  • Evaluates movement dysfunction that might be contributing to your pain or injury
  • Develops fitness and injury prevention programs for all segments of the general public such as workplace safety and school sports events
  • Is dedicated to Life Long Learning

Alaska legislation has approved Physical Therapists to have Direct Access.  This means for many conditions you may see your physical therapist as your primary health provider without a physician referral. You should check with your insurance company to verify if they  require you to have a doctor’s referral before seeing your physical therapist.

It is important to realize regardless of your insurance company or doctor you have the right to choose a physical therapist that best meets your needs.