McLean Studio

Artistic expression and creativity as part of both the mental and physical well-being and healing process is well documented in thousands of studies.

Physical Therapist, Tina McLean, has long felt that physical therapists are poorly named as a profession and should rather be known as ‘movement therapists’.

She has often been torn between her love of art, painting, and writing and her life’s work as a physical therapist.

As her practice has evolved it is refreshing to note that the two interests actually flow together in amazing synchronicity.

Artistic expression requires movement and flow.

The body and mind, whether injured or ill, must flow or move in specific ways in order to express works of visual or performing arts, athletics, or simply move through daily life chores and work with ease and free from pain.

McLean Studio & Wellness has developed out of a desire to further enhance science with artistic expression. Dr. McLean’s treatment plans and practice incorporates the whole person as opposed to treating a part of the person such as an ankle fracture. All injuries are life injuries. All illnesses are life illnesses and effect every aspect of our well-being.

Dr. McLean’s approach is to first take a thorough history, next, establish an appropriate musculoskeletal or neurological diagnosis pertinent to physical therapy followed by the development of a personalized treatment program incorporating your own goals and objectives. All treatment plans are based on evidence-guided research for your condition.