Active Abilities LLC is now a staffing and consultation company with services provided exclusively by Tina McLean, PT, DPT ATC/L, CMTPT, GTS.  Scott Ruby, our administrator, handles the day-to-day business operations, accounts payable and contract negotiations. Billing to each facility is based upon hours of work provided and billed according to agreed upon contract.  Active Abilities LLC provides each facility with a W9 for IRS purposes.

McLean Studio & Wellness is a one-on-one cash-based service only located in Detroit, TX. By Federal Law we cannot accept cash payments from Federally funded clients such as Medicare, Medicaid, or V.A.  We are working to enroll in private pay insurance companies such as Aetna, BCBS and others. Our goal is to is to serve you and your family with superior hands -on, evidenced-based treatments while maintaining a viable business environment.  Unfortunately, since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, this is no longer possible through Federally-funded, State-funded and many privately-funded insurance programs.


For Administrative questions about how we can serve you or your or your facility call Scott Ruby at (907) 748-2522; email:

For Clinical questions or specialty treatment questions call Dr Tina McLean, at Phone 907 362-0087