Fascial Manipulation (FM)

Fascial Manipulation (FM) is an evidence-based treatment for pain relief which involves manual treatment of the myofascial system to restore muscular balance and reduce stiffness. Recent evidence has shown that muscle action is not merely along origin and insertion lines. Instead, muscles and fascia form continuous lines from head to toe allowing efficient tension and mobility for shock absorption and force generation to support the entire neuromusculoskeletal system during movement and activity.

Many changes within the skeletal system, such as arthritis and joint degeneration, are accepted as normal age-related changes which do not always lead to pain. All too often, imaging findings of these normal adaptations are used as justification for risky and invasive treatments leading to disability and pain management.

The reality is that the myofascial system is well equipped to compensate for non-traumatic changes in the skeletal system. However, pain and dysfunction often occur due to tissue overload and stiffness in the myofascial chain. Myofascial stiffness can lead to improper movement patterns causing excessive tissue strain and overload of joint structures (capsule and cartilage).

The goal of fascial manipulation is to restore gliding along fascial layers and normal activation of myofascial lines of tension to restore balance within the neuromusculoskeletal system.

Dr McLean utilizes this evidence-based technique to naturally resolve pain and facilitate healing with improved movement and stability throughout the entire body. Fascial manipulation is a safe and effective alternative to clients seeking pain relief without the risk of surgery or medications.