Workplace Safety and Workers Compensation

Ms. McLean has trained in several areas of Ergonomic and Workplace Safety including Clinical Based Ergonomics,  OSHA Ergonomics, OSHA Industrial Hygiene, and Alaska Workers Compensation Law.  Her skill set equips her well to provide you excellent services in these areas.   As the patient who needs to return to work at your maximum level of physical fitness and capability physical therapy treatments are available to maximize your recovery from any Musculoskeletal or Neurological injury sustained at your workplace.

Ergonomic Evaluations– The word ergonomics means laws of (nomos) work (ergon).  Ergonomics is the science of adapting the job and/or the equipment and the human to each other for optimal safety and productivity.  Computers are a major area where ergonomics is relevant. Other areas are oil rigs, heavy equipment, automobiles, cockpits, machinery and factories.   Ms McLean offers Ergonomic Evaluations for both the office and the field environments from a clinical perspective for both public and private sectors.  This approach assures critical physical and physiological factors are considered in safely matching the job/equipment to you as the worker or to your employee.