Physical Therapist Located in Sterling Alaska and Detroit Texas


Dr Tina McLean, the owner of Active Abilities LLC, and previous owner of Active Abilities Physical Therapy Outpatient clinic in Sterling, Alaska, now provides short-term physical therapy staffing, specialty clinics and consulting for facilities throughout the State of Alaska and Texas. In addition, she continues to maintain her own outpatient practice now located in Detroit, TX. 

Dr McLean continues to have a life-long dedication to learning. She recently completed her terminal degree and life goal of earning the doctorate in physical therapy through the College of St Scholastica in Duluth, MN. 

McLean Studio & Wellness is a one-on-one cash-based practice focused on treating the whole person.  Dr. McLean, believes you can’t separately treat the physical without addressing the mental and spiritual well-being of any client. Her studies have taken her deeper into evaluating how treating the whole person can have more successful outcomes for treating chronic pain and conditions associated with musculoskeletal pain and movement disorders. Because research supports art as a modality for improving mental well-being for people with generalized anxiety disorder and major depressive disorders, she has begun incorporating art into her physical rehabilitation programs when appropriate.

Dr McLean offers one-on-one specialized advanced treatment techniques often not available in the general physical therapy clinic where less advanced or non-specific exercises are assigned to non-licensed or untrained support staff. Such advanced treatments may include certified dry needling, Stecco-Method Fascial Manipulation, Graston Technique and International Academy of Orthopedic Medicine-us joint specific treatments. Dr McLean will never split your appointment time with other clients.  Your time belongs to you and you deserve one-on-one attention. 

Other Alaska cash-based, one-on-one practices include Cooper Rehabilitation and Wellness (

Dr McLean understands that a cash-based practice may not be for everyone.  If you or a family member  are in need of an outpatient facility that can bill your insurance, we are happy to refer to local facilities on the Kenai Peninsula known for their dedication to evidence-guided personalized treatments, community support, enhancement and participation which includes: Freedom Physical Therapy (, Fyzical Therapy (, and Advanced Physical Therapy ( 

In Lamar County, TX for facilities which can bill your insurance and still provide one-on-one skilled treatments we recommend, The Rock Physical Therapy, 360 NE Loop 286 Suite 101 Paris TX 75460 · (903) 669-3535. 

Thank you for your trust in choosing McLean Studio & Wellness or Active Abilities LLC, for you, your family or your facility’s needs. Whether you are needing a few days or a few weeks of physical therapy or staff coverage, we can often help bridge between your regular physical therapists or your regular staff, who may need a break or a vacation, or are awaiting incoming new staff. Our contracts are uniquely individual to each facility. Our private treatments are cash or credit card only. 


Most Sincerely,

Dr Tina E. McLean,


Doctor Of Physical Therapy